Punch TV Studios and CEO Joseph Collins Provides The Magic For Shareholders

Punch TV media and Chief executive Mr. collins Delivers The Magic For Stakeholders

With a combination of multi-media plus monetary power, This 2018 Shareholders Convemtion Convention and Ball organised by Head of the company Mr. Collins and the Punch TV Studios team delivered the magic as promised in the wonderful city that never sleeps, Nv on May eleven and 2/12/2018.

Revealed the newly attained stock symbol, Mr. Collins makea fantastic revelation in attaining not no more than the Nasdaq place, but became the first Black operated business to attain Nasdaq position using the black local community as it's foundational investor base. Through the two-day convention, with most diffinitely hundreds of stockholders, shareholdersand prospect investors witnessed what Punch got to offer.

Collins expressed being "happy, content and humbled" by both the acquisitionand the remarkable success of the company. "I often thought about how Buffett turned one of the wealthiest people in The US, and my idea is to put together a company where individuals obtain financial wealth through stock capital," explained Mr. collins.

Joseph Collins, Chief executive carried out just what the investors imagined: knowledge concerning economical literacy, what is then with the production of Punch tv media advanced tech, forthcoming shows, and future stepsfor Punch tv studios. Guest speakers from around the United States knowledgeable shareholders on the subject of real-time investment diagrams, crowdfunding, their role, and a detailed demonstrations of from their functions with Punch tv media investors. As part of the 2 day convention, punch tv Mr. Collins, an specialist in business, staged a exclusive Master Business Lesson.

During a night of dancing and making friends at the fun-filled gala, Joseph Collins met up and welcomed every guests individually — a pleasant and succesful part of the formal check here event.

Before the fascinated shareholders, the element of surprise ongoingby way ofthe announcement of Punch Animation, Inc. previouslyknown as Urban TV Network Company. Collins, CEO shared a quick look of the animation demonstrating that Punch TV Media was at the wheel of increasing.

According to Collins,"I undoubtedly would like to be the kind of Head of the Company where the primary focus is to make my shareholders and future investors have reliance in what we are doingat Punchtv and to understand that we are performing towards transforming Punch tv studios to the billion enterprise, which we be able to accomplish mutually."

Mr. Collins, the Chief executive of a advanced entertainment interprise , is embarking on a $500 million world stock contribution at $5 each share for the production of new technology and advancement of Punch tv media. Based in the Santa Fe Springs area of Soutern, CA, Punch TV is growing its studios and is earning international appeal. Punch tv studios Incorporated. engages in the media, creating, distributing, licensing, merchandising and syndication of multi-media products.

The corporation provides tv advertisements options and provide first-run syndicatedtv series, off-network television programs, and shorts for licensing and syndication around the planet.

For an questionwith Mr. Joseph Collins, please e mail Lisa at lisa@punchtvstudios.com or call us at 310-419-5914.

Joseph Collins is the President of Punch TV Studios and Punch Animation Inc. (formally Black TV Network). This article may have forward-looking financial information; Be sure to consult an consultant previous to investing.



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